Why you should play Clash Royale


If you enjoy destroying towers, helping boost up your characters and finding ways for you to earn more coins or gems then you will enjoy this game. Clash Royale the game wherein you are given cards to defend your clan or attack your opponent’s tower or you have destroyed more towers than you opponent. The best feature about this game is, you don’t need a computer, laptop or gaming console because all you need to play this amazing game is a mobile phone. This way, wherever you are or any time of the day or night, you are still able to play your game or continue playing it.

This game will allow you to strategies on how to easily destroy a lot of towers than your opponent will. Besides that, if you want to immediately win the game then you have to destroy your opponents’ tower. Do that you have to make sure that your cards are in good condition for you to use because if they are a lower than your enemies cards, then the chances of you losing are high. Don’t worry because in the game you get to earn coins and gems. Coins are the needed item for you to be able to help boost your cards while gems enable you to buy coins or any other items because it is the games currency.

With Clash Royale you enjoy playing the game because besides the game itself, the graphics and music are also amazing and you will be amazed on how the characters look. So if you are ready to destroy and earn lots of crowns for every win of a challenge, then this is the game for you. No need to stay indoors to play it because it can be played in the comfort of your mobile phone.