Proper Maintenance of a Sewing Machine

One of the most considered large investment for a home appliance is the sewing machine. Since this is an investment, of course, you do not want to just leave it unattended. So, this means, you’ll have to make sure that you are taking care of your sewing machine like Handling it properly is one method that you should not miss out. There are of course certain things that you’ll need to follow through as you are maintaining it.  In order for you to keep your equipment in good value, here are the following ways for you to properly handle and maintain the sewing machine.

  1. Needles- changing of its needles often is a must. Remember that anything that goes rustic can lead to a vital health illness such as tetanus and this depends on the severity of the rust that is with the needle. One prick of the needle can lead a long way of complications especially if not treated right away.
  2. Clean as you go- after using the sewing machine, it is understandable that you’re tired and wants to rest immediately, however, for you to avoid any damage to your equipment and for your safety always clean the area. This is essential because it can save more time and effort thus it is ready for your next usage.
  3. Oil your sewing machine- if you are using the non-electric sewing machine, it is recommended that you keep oiling it regularly so to keep it running smoothly. Make sure that it is properly lubricated. However, too much application is not good as well because it will make the machine too slippery and it might cause you harm.
  4. Remember to tighten the screws and keep it covered if machine is not in used.
  5. Have it serviced by a professional- in this way, you can preserve much better the equipment