How Instagram marketing works

Instagram is the biggest channel for advanced advertising and promoting brands with compelling and simple marketing campaigns wherein digital marketers have to be very clear in how to connect well with their target audience. By creating powerful and long lasting results, Instagram provides an amount of increased percentage of about 57% when compared to other social networks.


To a study of statistics and facts for the importance of Instagram:

  • 90% of information is transmitted to and observed by the brain is only visual content
  • Visual content reaches the brain and makes the human individual 60,000X faster than that of the plain boring text paragraphs
  • About 50% of people respond well to the visual information (in terms of view, reviews, comments, posts, reposts and shares et al)
  • About 70% of engagements happen through visual content
  • About 26% of brand engagement is being supported out by Instagram that is actually 25% higher than that of other social media platforms
  • About 97% of worlds’ famous US fashion brands use Instagram to reach their target people
  • Photos generate 37% more likes than that of video shares
  • Post with at least one hashtag rolls the stones of about average 12.6% more engagement
  • Geo-tagged posts receive of about 79% higher engagements than that of the normal one
  • About 69.8 million photos are getting uploaded & shared across Instagram every day
  • Active users spend averagely 257 minutes on Instagram app every day

Instagram is a demanding hub where individuals can locate the visual identity of their business. Whether you need to build engagement with your audience or drive deals, you ought to consider using Instagram. On the off-chance that you haven’t attempted Instagram marketing yet, it’s an ideal opportunity to begin.


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