4 methods for beating other slitherio players

In slitherio, there are numerous things that you can do in order to beat other players. You can use a slitherio hack in order to become the best player. Or you could beat the other players of the game using other techniques. If you want to know more techniques in order to dominate on slitherio, you can simply follow the ones below. If you try out these methods for yourself, you will find that they are very effective.


  1. Corner enemies at the edges

When you are chasing enemies and cannot seem to catch up to them, you can just keep chasing them until you reach the edges of the map. At the edges of the map, is a wall, and you can use that wall to corner enemies until you can catch up and eat them.


  1. You are faster when you are smaller

Your snake has got a huge advantage while it is still small, and this is its speed. So you have got to take advantage of your speed while you are still small. You can do daring manoeuvres and do things with your snake, while you are still small because your snake is still very fast.


  1. Surround your opponent

One way that you can corner opponents without a wall is if you surround them. Surrounding smaller snakes is a very effective technique to try out in slitherio. You can trap smaller snakes with your longer body by encircling them with it.


  1. Make use of a hack for slitherio


You could also use a slitherio hack if you want to dominate the game. There are hacks for slitherio that can make your snake go faster or even turn invisible. These hacks are very easy to use, and you should have no trouble at all using them. So if you want to beat other players, use a hack.